Private just your group, no one else

  • Just your group
  • No set times, you pick
  • Available whenever you want year round
  • Rates include everything except tip
  • No sitting in a shuttle van for 3+ hours with people you don't know
  • Ever sat between two people in a shutte van before? You don't want to!

Other Services


  • Set Times
  • 3+ Hours Stopping At Everyones Door
  • Imgaine having less room than on the plane! Not fun shared, better with Powderhound!

Steamboat Springs

Private Service

No Stoppping

A private shuttle service that leaves when you want

Licensed and Insured

For Your Safety

Powderhound holds insurance well beyond the required minimums

Resort to Resort

Not Just Airport

We can transport your group from Steamboat to other resorts not just from the Denver Airport

Best Rates

And Service

Powderhound is well known for their best rates in the business

Driver 1 Steamboat
Driver 2 Steamboat
Driver 3 Steamboat
Denver Steamboat 2
Steamboat Employees
Shuttle Buses Steamboat


Our shuttles

They are private at whatever time you want. Unlike other services, there are no gimmicks, hidden charges, sneaking in extra costs. We are upfront and honest about everything we do. Our shuttles are clean, reliable, and safe

Our business

Shuttle clients to and from ski resorts in Colorado. Steamboat Springs is just one of the many awesome resorts we service in Colorado.

Ride with Powderhound

Direct shuttles whenever your group wants is just the start. Being locals to Colorado our service is here to help you with every aspect of your vacation not just the ride. If you have any questions about visiting the Steamboat area just let us know and we'll be happy to assist

Steamboat Springs hotels

Powderhound is a well known shuttle company in the Steamboat area servicing large hotels such as Steamboat Gran and Iron Horse Steamboat among many other hotels and large lodging companies

It's about you

Our office has set hours but with a reservation you can reserve a shuttle at whatever time you want. You are given the drivers contact information so you have a contact even at 3 AM We were created over 5 years ago with just one vehicle. Now Powderhound has a large fleet of safe vans, buses, suvs, and cars to transport your group.

Shuttles, shuttles, shuttles from Denver!

All sizes with discounts for small groups looking for cheap private rates and awesome deals for groups looking to get there without the hassle of sharing. When you look at all the resorts in Colorado in can be quite overwhelming. There are over twenty ski and mountain resorts in the state and trying to pick the right one can sometime be like throwing a needle into a haystack. With that being said, here are some nice advantages to choosing Steamboat Springs as your place to getaway this winter or summer.

You're Cool

You seem pretty cool so let us help you. Check out our site and poke around

If you like what you see then let us help you!. Our company has been doing this for years

Shuttles for all

Low, cheap rates

Direct from the Denver Airport to Steamboat Springs without stopping is the only way to travel.

Free stops for groceries

Everyone has to eat

It's a little something that makes us stand out against the competition

Great Fun

When you take a look around at all the other services out there you will realize how awesome Powderhound really is

We are run by our employees, pair fair wages, and offer an honest service for guests visiting the area